Life is a journey with waves and valleys. Embrace what your capabilities are and challenge yourself.

  I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. I love the ideas and the sharing of information.
I hate the adds and redirecting. Not to mention the constant  promotions from big box stores. So
I decided to create a site for sharing information and ideas. A Better Homes and Gardens on
steroids. Help me build this site for all of us dirty , cooking, diyer's.  I am going to add things as it grows. Between you and me we can create some awesome stuff. Share your creations  on JuJu's Place. 
In The Dirt.

Here you will find some garden tips

and ideas for the outside. 

Projects of all sorts. DIY ideas and what I've done. A place of insperation.  Crafts and sewing.

In The Kitchen

One  my most favorite things is cooking. Here you will find recipes, rubs, cocktails. Share if you want.